The factors for the early and late development of midbrain dopaminergi...

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Post mortem examination of Parkinson’s disease brains suggests decline in mitochondrial biomass, reversed by deep brain stimulation of subthalamic nucleus | The FASEB Journal

Parkinson’s treatment delivers a power-up to brain cell ‘batteries'

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6 years ago
Isolation, Culture and Long-Term Maintenance of... | Protocol

The causes of degeneration of midbrain dopaminergic neurons during Parkinson’s disease are not fully understood. Cellular culture ...

6 years ago
Molecular Pharmacology (ASPET)

Mitochondrial complex V–associated large-conductance inner membrane current is regulated by cyclosporine & dexpramipexole.

7 years ago
Bcl-xL in neuroprotection and plasticity

Accepted features of neurodegenerative disease include mitochondrial and protein folding dysfunction and activation of pro-death factors. Neurons that experience high metabolic demand or those foun...

7 years ago
An uncoupling channel within the c-subunit ring of the F1FO ATP synthase is the mitochondrial...

Edited by Xiaodong Wang, National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China, and approved May 27, 2014 (received for review January 30, 2014)

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